DC Capital Fund II



Realized Investments

QRC Technologies
QRC Technologies designs, develops, and services a host of proprietary Radio Frequency products and provides comprehensive integrated solutions primarily for government, military, and law enforcement agencies. These products and solutions address a wide range of SIGINT and COMINT missions for the tactical user community. QRC’s products are employed globally on a myriad of manned, unmanned, and autonomous platforms and labs. QRC was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Learn more at

Active Investments

AMA Group is a leading provider of technical engineering and construction services to a broad range of industries throughout the US and abroad. AMA Group operates with several distinct entities, offering mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, fire prevention, and low voltage design services, along with commissioning, troubleshooting and turnkey design-build capabilities, through its headquarters in New York City with regional offices in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and New Jersey. AMA Group clients include Fortune 500 companies, architects, developers and professional services firms across a wide array of industries. Learn more at
Caliburn provides consulting, engineering, medical, and environmental services as well as large scale program management in support of national defense, international diplomacy, and homeland security client readiness. Caliburn employs approximately 7,300 dedicated professionals deployed across five continents and provides services that support programs of national significance such as domestic and international infrastructure development, medical services, environmental and munitions remediation, humanitarian assistance and domestic and international military operational support. Learn more at
Owl Cyber Defense
Owl Cyber Defense implements next generation cybersecurity solutions for critical networks. Owl's DualDiode Technology®, a proprietary data diode, boasts over 28 technology patents and has over 2,000 successful deployments globally across intelligence, government, military, utility, energy, and other critical infrastructure networks. Owl's deterministic hardware-enforced technology ensures secure networks and enables the reliable and robust transfer of all data types and file sizes. Learn more at
Pond provides engineering and consulting services, including, but not limited to design, planning, architecture, construction and program management. Based in Atlanta, Pond has 20 offices and over 550 employees globally assisting federal, state and local government and commercial clients in federal, transportation, energy and industrials end markets. Learn more at
Tresys provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that meet the challenges of the most demanding environments in the world. Tresys solutions safeguard classified government networks and ensure the secure delivery of critical industrial, financial and operational data. Along with unparalleled industry expertise, Tresys’ certified and accredited products protect information and ensure that the appropriate data gets to the correct location in a timely and secure manner. Learn more at